Our perfume oils are formulated with the use of Pure Essential and Fine Fragrance oils. To create a good match with the original designer and niche scents, synthetic ingredients are added. To finalise the formulation into a ready skin-safe product, a carrier oil is added Our perfume oils are Alcohol-Free | Cruelty-Free | Phthalate-Free | Substance of Animal Origin-Free.

Alcohol-free formulas prevent photosensitivity reactions from wearing in the sun, and project a longer lasting scent that gracefully lingers due to its slow evaporation rate. 

Perfume oil notes are the aromas that make up the scent. Most perfume oils are comprised of top notes, middle notes, and base notes. 

Top notes are the first impression of the scent recognized immediately upon application. The compounds in the top notes are strong, volatile, and evaporate quickly.

The middle notes form the body of a scent and emerge in the middle of the scent’s dispersion process. They often mask the initial impression of base notes and are usually more mellow and "rounded"

The base notes are the lasting impression of the scent which reveal itself as the perfume sits on the skin and warms up to body temperature. 

For a better performance and a longer lasting scent, moisturise your skin prior to application. The most common way of applying perfume oils is to apply them to the inner wrists, along the jawline, behind the earlobes, into the tips of your beard (If you have one.) or the ends of your hair. However for the optimal projection, and sillage we recommend that you apply perfume oil across the inner and outer arms rubbing it all over the skin (works best on pre-moisturised damped skin), around the neck/back of the head. Remember, as with the regular perfumes, the more you spray the better the performance. Likewise, the more oil you apply the more powerful of a projection you get. The sillage often does not start immediately as perfume oils often gain strength when warmed by your skin and movements.

Some perfume oils can also be applied on the clothes. However, it should be tested in a non-visible place beforehand. This is especially recommended for darker oils. Note that we accept no liability for damage to clothing.

Absolutely not.  Perfume Oil Expressions are not tested on animals.

To maintain longevity and freshness, keep the perfume oils away from direct heat and sunlight. The maximum shelf life of our products is 2 years (or longer) although they will last much longer if kept away from air, sunlight, and heat.

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Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not offered for change of mind. 
A refund will be offered if the product is faulty or damaged. Mail us at info@perfumeoilexpressions.com within seven days of receipt of the product in exchange. Perfume Oil Expressions reserves the right to inspect defective, faulty or damaged products and resolve claims at our absolute discretion.

Always read the item description carefully as returns and refunds are not for incorrect decisions.

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