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Smokey Vanilla review

IBeing a big fan of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, I was excited to try this particular perfume,so much that I bought two roll-ons without even sampling it first. Strangely, on my skin cardamom is most noticeable, and then cacao. However, my partner gets the smokey vanilla effect in full. Despite this, I've given the oil five stars as it is a very nice scent in itself and long-lasting.

Boujee Extra Perfume Oil
Tamme Littleford
Big & Boujee

Loveee this one it’s beautiful on point with YSL

Opulence Perfume Oil
Marjorie Enriquez
Heaven scent😊

It’s much more than the original one. I smell so good all day. It’s a great scent in a small bottle.

Nice perfume but very expensive for such small samples.

Tonka Spice Perfume Oil
Morgan Manhire

Beautiful scent and last all day

Perfect sample size to test your favourite perfume

A great way to test out all the best smelling perfumes / cologne on the market.
Amazing long lasting oil based cologne.

Smells so similar to portrait of a lady. For a tenth of the price this is super great value and you can just slip it in your handbag. Awesome thanks

Oils aint oils

Nice and the perfume lasts all day

It’s very strong . Smells amazing

Gypsy Potion

A beautiful scent

Dilara Perfume Oil
Michelle Bradford
Beautiful scent

The scent is beautiful but it doesn’t seem to last long on the skin. A little disappointed

Woodsy Santal Perfume Oil
Natalie Schuett

Absolutely beautiful smell

Smells delicious. I love patchouli ❤️

Brilliance Perfume Oil
Siliva Togatuki

My favorite perfume Baccarat Rouge became too expensive, I gave this a try and omgosh! It is so strong, you don't need much and it lingers all day. I love it! I also got a sample of Silver and that is also amazing! Really happy with my purchase ☺

Beautiful scent

Another lovely oil perfume to my growing collection.
Really love the iconic Alien perfume only down side is so expensive.
Thank you Perfume Oil Expressions for making this truly wonderful scent.
Lasts really well on my skin can smell and enjoy it all day.
Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Creamy iris is my favorite scent of all!


Lovely scent

Glorious and friends think the same.
Would recommend this product the roll on is brilliant!!

Awesome scent

Smells good, strong woodsy scent and lasts a while.

Love it

I have the origindl Santal 33 hence why I purchased Woodsy Santal. Very similar and beautiful but found original lasted longer with a trial on both wrists. Could have been that one is an atomiser the other a roller so not as intense. Would def purchase again

Woodsy Santal Perfume Oil
Katherine Bouari

I recently purchased PERFUME OIL INSPIRED BY SANTAL 33 - LE LABO. Perfume Oil Expressions captivates the senses with its exquisite range of roll on fragrances. The longevity is impressive, lingering delicately throughout the day. The quality of the oils is evident in the richness of each note, which is expertly crafted to smell identical to the original, making Perfume Oil Expressions a standout choice for those seeking a good quality, alcohol and chemical free replica for a fraction of the cost!

Love, love, love !

I'm so happy I came across the "perfume oil expressions" website. I have had so many compliments already on this perfume. It lasts all day and isn't over empowering.

Brilliance Perfume Oil
Michelle Bradford
Long lasting

This scent is amazing. I can put it on and still smell it the next day. Beautiful perfume

Great perfume oil, got heaps of compliments and project quite well

Smells like Summer

This is the second time I've purchased Citrusa, I love the fresh fragrance which lasts with me all day. Perfect scent for summer.