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Beautiful scent and I can still smell it at the end of the day! Delivery was so fast, will 100% order again. Thanks

Racing Heart

Love this many comments


Smells great, easy to apply and great size for travelling.


Didn't have super high hopes for this, but it's pretty spot-on to BYREDO's 'Bal D'Afrique' and lasts pretty well! I use it to layer as well.


Beautiful Smell

Best Perfume

Love this perfume. Always get plenty of compliments

The smell is divine

I love how this oil rolls on and smells fresh all day.

Smells great!

Smells good, a little stronger sent of Baccarat Rouge 540, but does smell like it, I have the original and when I smell both of course the oil is stronger, nice duplicate! ❤️


the smell is beautiful i get compliments when ever i wear this one... the only problem is that i think this bottle is faulty, It leaks so you have to leave it standing up right or it will leak throughout your bag, that is a shame as it can not be brought with you anywhere.

Refreshing and energising

A green and citrusy scent that is light and refreshing. Has great staying power.

Fresh, clean and sweet

Exactly like my memories of Diptyque fig candles. A go to everyday scent that is clean, fresh and sweet.

Amazing scents

Such a great option to try a smaller vile of the perfume before purchasing a larger roller. So impressed with Eden! Super close dupe for byredo. Thankyou so much for an amazing product

Great !!!

The people here in Holland loveeeee it !!!

Perfume Oil

So happy with my purchase. It smells divine.

Woodsy Santal by Perfume Oil Expressions

Absolutely beautiful I love it. I get asked what I’m wearing by a lot of people and everyone says how beautiful it smells. I love this product so much. I almost don’t want to tell other people about it so I can keep it all to myself! It’s just gorgeous

Aelin Perfume Oil
Crystal Ring
LOVE this product!

How good are the scents and last all day and SO affordable.

Great absolute aphrodisiac dupe

I absolutely love Initio’s absolute aphrodisiac but it has zero projection and lasts for less than an hour. This Aphrodite lure is almost identical and has way more projection and lasting power.

Nice scent

Prompt service and delivery. Scents very nice smelling. Thanks

Just like Santa’s 33

I love Santal 33 but not the associated price tag. Santal Woodsy is the perfect dupe I love it!!! It’s long lasting, and I’ve had so many compliments. I will definitely be repurchasing this beautiful perfume oil again

Gypsy Potion magic

I took a risk and bought this perfume purely on reading the description. I absolutely love this scent! I’m so pleased I tried it I definitely will be purchasing it again. It is long lasting and smells devine! Highly recommend

Very generous samples

I’m really loving all the samples I purchased. It’s a great way to find a scent you love. The samples alone should last a while and allow me to really get a good sense of how the scent works on me.

True to description

It smells like baccarat rouge. Long-lasting fragrance and heightens the smell when sweating.

Such a beautiful fragrance and I get so many comments whenever I wear it! Will be buying again!