Perfume Oil Expressions Reviews

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Gorgeous and perfect sizes

I chose a selection of samples to try before I decide which bigger bottle I would like. They arrived quickly and so nicely packed and now my problem is that I want them all! Gorgeous and so long lasting! So love these products! Thank you!

Nice Surprise

I received Berlin Song as a free sample in my order. It’s such an addictive fragrance! It creates a nice little scent bubble and lasts about 6 hours on me. I will definitely order a bottle or 2 in my next order.

Boss B!tch Vibes

Oh wow, this is just stunning and complex. I love oriental scents and this is so sexy. I got this as a free sample and will now be buying the full bottle. I can see this is going to be a favourite.

Smells delicious

Smells like a chocolate orange cookies. Amazing smell and lasts for a long time.

Smell amazing

Smells like the original juicy apple from kayali. Makes the perfume last so long when layered together.

Woodsy Santal Perfume Oil

Lasts so long!!

Love the scent so much, only need a tiny bit and it goes such a long way!! Lasts for ages and gets so many compliments.
Definitely recommend :))

Stop and smell the roses!

If you like a pure rose scent then you will love this. A lovely, soft, sweet true rose fragrance that has a background scent of baby powder. This reminds me a little of Mor’s Marshmallow, which I like however I find that smell a bit too synthetic. Good projection and long lasting.

Long lasting

Looks great, value for money, last long and smells like heaven

Beautiful and very very close to the original scent
Wish it lasted longer on my skin though.
Nevertheless it’s worth buying

Gold Rain Perfume Oil
Yvette Phillips
Rose Oud

Simply amazing, I can’t believe how much longer it makes my perfume last!

Bergamo oil perfume

The scent of the bergamot oil was so on point. I would say it is of very good quality for the price. The only down point was I have to re-apply it to last for the whole day but not complaining.

"What the hell is that smell?"

During a staff meeting, a guest speaker wore this scent and those were my exact words, above. "LE LABOs -Santal 33" was her reply, she even googled it for me, and showed me a picture of the the bottle. On my return home, I searched everywhere for a bottle. But was shocked at the price- so I searched for an alternative, and I discovered POE. Remember I have only smelt this "ONCE" on another person.
I thought, what have I got to lose- and ordered my very first oil from POE. And I tell you, as soon as I rolled it on, my pressure points, it took me back to that "precise" moment of discovery. THAT is how accurate they duplicated the scent and it stays on for hours. DONT HESITATE - find your favourites and order for your purse today.


Was a bit unsure of this one as it smells like glace cherries and marzipan from the bottle. Once it settles on the skin, its just gorgeous. Starts of very sweet with cherries, then tones down to what I describe as a sweet, spicy rum with cherry and hint of port royal tobacco. Good projection and lasted well.

Portrayal Perfume Oil
Island Mashuri

Truely unique and lingers foreva.Smell of Power! Glad to purchase it❤️❤️❤️

Classic Man Perfume Oil
Jacquie Malone

I love this one it smells gorgeous and has really good longevity and sillage. I just wish you would make this in a bigger bottle


To be fair, I have never smelt the original Tom Ford, so I cant say if it smells the same. However this is a stunning scent. Reminds me of Rose Musc Noir by Narciso Rodriguez. Lovely warm rose with a hint of the orient. Great throw, girls at work could smell me from outside my office and lasted all day.

Not great

It smells like olive oil.

Very intense fragrance

Huge longevity, fragrance wasn’t for me but for those who love the inspiration fragrance will love the performance of this oil

So close the OG

So close to the original. Long lasting. Love it. Will purchase again!

Sweet Silence Perfume Oil
Kristen Cunningham
Sweet silence

My sister came around and she smelt so good, I asked her where she got her perfume and she told me ‘perfume oil expressions’, I purchased within 24 hours and I can happily say I’m not disappointed. I can actually still smell my oil at the end of the day. Love, love, love 💕

So happy with this purchase!

I was a little skeptical when placing the order but I've been won over completely! This fragrance is bang on in terms of scent and it has good staying power. I love the purse size bottle, which means you can take it with you for top ups if needed. I'm excited to try a few more fragrances now!

Wish the scent lasted longer

I purchased Mango Touch based off the reviews of Mango Skin. It smells very good! I've worn it to work everyday since I
received it however by the end of my shift the smell dissipates.

Unique fruity fresh sweet green

POE is better than it’s well known competitor and I love that they sell samples so we don’t have to commit to full bottles. I never smelled anything like Erba Nesta before. It’s fruity and sweet but not immature. It’s also fresh, a bit green and a bit soapy to my nose. It lasts and projects well for an oil. This one might not be for everyone, so I suggest getting a sample first.

Rosa Exclusif Perfume Oil
Claudia Salazar

Beautiful fragrance and excellent performance!