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Dark Woods

Amazingly close to the original... dont spend hundreds when you dont need to!!!

Mon Sanginpitak
It s awesome

I love it very much . Last really long time . Many ppl ask me what perfume I m wearing . Really happy with this product.

Why buy a full bottle?

I've been wanting Side Effect for some years now but the hundreds of $ Initio ask has always put me off. Now I have this amazing oil I don't feel guilty wearing it and I don't regret it! Just the most alluring fragrance boozy, smokey, creamy and woody. I absolutely love it, it's like nothing else and perfect for this cold snap we're having. Love it and will buy again xox

Silent Words
E Oster
Great value

Smells great. Slightly more fruity than I anticipated but still a great scent. Long lasting on the skin. Great value for money

So relaxing

Beautiful blend. Soft, sweet and intoxicating

A revelation!

Great way to test out the fragrances. Lasts very long and so similar to the originals.


Smells just like a rich lemon cake !!

This is one of my top winter fragrances

I had a sample of the original and fell in love, so this oil is an amazing affordable alternative and it’s so handy to throw in your handbag if you I want to reapply. Very happy with this scent and it’s one of my top favourites coming into winter.

Great expectations

A good way to test potential scents. All very long lasting and strong (some a lot more than others). Definitely give them a try.

Grace Palmer

cant fault it

Alicia Walker

Gorgeous sent, really smells like roses.

Zoe Newman
Smells amazing, lovely customer service!

USPS lost my order and the customer service I received from POE was so helpful and kind. I ended up getting the order resent and I am absolutely in love with this scent.

Crystal Rose

Warm, spicy, and woody! Anyone could wear this. I absolutely love it. Lasts a long time only skin.
If you don’t love a sweet perfume but love woody notes, then this is for you!

Creamy Iris
Hilda Velarde
Perfectly perfect!

Creamy Iris is spot on for Gris Charnel. It’s so beautiful and long lasting. Honestly, I am a repeat customer and still each new oil I purchase and use blows me away with their quality and essence. It’s incredible how they smell exactly like the original. Pretty please make a Pas Ce Soir (BDK) oil soon.

Woodsy Santal
Heidi G.
Honestly just like the real thing! (I was definitely a doubter)

I honestly thought this would be a dodgy purchase, but went ahead anyway due to reasonable price.
Can not believe how much this is like the real thing!
Definitely recommend especially if you like the original woody version.
Will certainly be a return customer, thanks!

Eves Apple
Maribel Rontal
Love the smell

I love the sweet smell of this fragrance. It lasts long too… even after a long day, the good scent is still there. My daughter is fuzzy with perfumes but this one she loves…

Kim milan
Perfection in a bottle

I have fell in love with this fragrance oil it is very long lasting and I mix with body oil and layer it with my Xerjoff Lira Fragrance and I must say it works perfectly well together projection and siliage is amazing 😻 I will definitely be ordering more 💖

Kim milan
The best perfume oils ever!!

I will add a review of these magnificent perfume oils on my TikTok @kay.milan94
I have never had an exact dupe of perfume oils ever I got this one as a sample and I love layering them with my fragrances I mix this will body oil and use it at lotion and I must say it is amazing a little goes a long way I also have the exact fragrance like Xerjoff Lira, maison francis kirkdjian Gentle Fluidity gold, coco Chanel mademoiselle and hundred silent ways by Nishane all of this are exactly identical to these fragrances and I have layered the for longevity and projection and it works so well together I will defo be ordering more 😊 thank you perfume oile expressions 😊✨💖🥰

Sixth Sense
Harry Humphrys

The oils are phenomenal and last longer than the actual aftershave , the women on Sunday market in Bondi was very helpful.

Sandra B

It smells very close to the original. And it is long lasting, I can definitely smell it on myself as I move around.

Berlin Song
Andrea Aksan
Long lasting and refreshing

Because they are oils based make them long lasting..nice fruity/citrusy/vanilla fragrance. Suitable for Australian summer.. I don’t normally like fruity scents but this have a couple different layers in it which makes it more interesting..

Amazing and almost identical!

This perfume oil is amazing, I find it lasts hours on my skin, I have the original and this and I must admit, there is almost no point of difference once the oil warms up on your skin. Such a beautiful, classy and feminine scent!

Shane Kruger
Better than Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Gotta be honest…I’ve always loved the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino that Citrusa is inspired by. And Citrusa matches the Tom Ford pretty well. There’s bound to be some difference but it’s not perceptible at least by my nose. But there is one key difference. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino lasts about 4 hours on my skin - and at circa $300 for a small bottle…that’s not a good thing. Citrusa, at $33 for a small bottle, with a near identical scent, lasts ALL DAY! Sure the bottle is half the size of Tom Ford….but you do the math on that! And the Citrusa bottle is actually more convenience, travels better, and can fit in the pocket discreetly. Can’t do that either with Tom Ford. I would have been happy paying the same price as Tom Ford but getting a product that lasts all day. This is a fraction of the price and has longevity to boot! I’m sold. I’m a convert. I’ll never buy Tom Ford Neroli Portofino again.

Brilliance - simply brilliant

I can honestly say this perfume lasts all day and the scent is divine. I come home from work - (where i get constantly asked what i'm wearing) and my partner says I smell wonderful. The scent is so true to the original - i absolutely love it. Will be buying again.

Heather Ferguson
Love love love

Probably my very favorite, always get asked what I am wearing