Perfume Oil Expressions Reviews

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Such a gorgeous perfume, it’s one of my favourites.

My favourite so far

Oh this is just beautiful. Really good if you just want a subtle scent and not a punch in the face, very addictive. Warm vanilla.


I was so surprised to actually like these! I was worried about the size but for trial these are perfect and i take them with me too! the only difficult thing will be choosing a scent to get the roller version of. They all smell super potent and they're great for layering if you have spray on perfumes that you like too! very versatile and wonderful scents <3


Floral but not too strong, lasts a long time


Beautiful scent and very long lasting. My new favourite ❤️


My absolute favourite scent! I constantly get asked what I am wearing and where to get it from! 1 have just purchased my second bottle. Lasts all day and makes me feel fantastic!

Saltwater Perfume Oil
Rhonda Kunyik
Saltwater perfume oil

This perfume oil is an amazing scent and lasts all day. LOVE IT!!..

great scent

juicy strawberries, combined with the fresh and delicate florals and a beautiful lingering popcorn note. so so beautiful and unique

fresh and feminine

a sweet burst of lychee balanced by the freshness of the rhubarb note and Turkish rose - rosa is juicy, playful and intoxicating. such good quality and lasting power too.

so good!

sweet lychee, jammy rose weaved with wisps of cashmere, musk and vanilla - its a warm, comforting and luxurious scent. highly recommend

Just like the real thing only better



A must have lasts all day long

smells like oil

I have the real perfume and they don’t smell the same. the perfume oil is not very strong and the top notes are just the carrier oil.


A must have

Just wow!

Love , what more can I say. Onto my 3rd purchase. Many more to come.
Positive: compact size for easy storage in hand bag, purse etc. Negative: I find that it doesn't last long on my skin, after I apply on my pressure points.

Love this fragrance

Long lasting and really unique and VERY similar to the Byrado - plus Phthalete FREE! Winning!

Love love love!

Love the smell, even got one for my daughter.


Reading all the great reviews of this perfume I was looking forward to receiving it. Ghastly smell, like toilet cleaner. Unless I received some from a bad vatch, I can’t understand how anyone would like this awful smell. I will stick to Saltwater, my absolute favourite.

Great choice

I bought sweet silence. My first reaction was it doesn't last long; however, gradually when people complimented me I began to realise that it good and stays. I am happy with my choice and would love to buy again. WIsh you had sent more samples to try different fragrances :)

Incredible scent!

I adore Le Labo's Santal 33 but its almost AUD$500 price point for 100ml puts it outside the reach of most. This Woodsy Santal is a perfect alternative and the scent is identical to Santal 33 to my nose. It last very well on my skin - around 6 hours - and the small roller ball bottle makes it easy to carry with you and top up later in the day. Excellent value for money! Thank you Perfume Oil Expressions

Gorgeous and perfect sizes

I chose a selection of samples to try before I decide which bigger bottle I would like. They arrived quickly and so nicely packed and now my problem is that I want them all! Gorgeous and so long lasting! So love these products! Thank you!

Nice Surprise

I received Berlin Song as a free sample in my order. It’s such an addictive fragrance! It creates a nice little scent bubble and lasts about 6 hours on me. I will definitely order a bottle or 2 in my next order.

Boss B!tch Vibes

Oh wow, this is just stunning and complex. I love oriental scents and this is so sexy. I got this as a free sample and will now be buying the full bottle. I can see this is going to be a favourite.

Smells delicious

Smells like a chocolate orange cookies. Amazing smell and lasts for a long time.

Smell amazing

Smells like the original juicy apple from kayali. Makes the perfume last so long when layered together.