Perfume Oil Expressions Reviews

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Just brilliant!

Amazing dupe! Long lasting and even got complimented on it today. Can still smell it faintly after a 12 1/2 hour shift! Love love love

Aelin Perfume Oil
Carmen Galindo


Beautiful products

Very happy with all of my new collection

Mango Touch Perfume Oil
Amanda Perkins
Mango Touch

Absolutely gorgeous, smells like fresh mangoes with a touch of beautiful 😍

Gypsy Potion Perfume Oil


Oooh I love this scent. I'm a fan of woody smells and this is divine. It's a base tone perfume which really suits me. I love how I can smell so divine and knowing it's non-toxic. I'm a repeat offender for buying too much of these oils

Dulcet Perfume Oil
Yana Lysenko

Smells super delicious

Very addicting scent. Always getting compliments everytime I use this perfume. Smell like the original but with an affordable price.

Fame and Fortune Perfume Oil
Cusantodoni Cusantodoni
Fame and Woody Extract

I was a bit concerned about the quality. However, i am amazed with this 10ml of perfume oil. The smells is exactly the same like the perfume that i have.

I would like to buy other perfumes from perfime oil expression.


Set perfume oil

Bold, sophisticated, and always smelling divine.

Brilliance Perfume Oil
Monique Dondas
Smells amazing

Long lasting and it smells amazing


Love the smell of this perfume oil,definitely will repurchase

Smells just like its OG!

Smells exactly like is OG! Love this scent.

Breskva Perfume Oil
Yana Lysenko

Breskva Perfume Oil

Yum .

Beautiful, rich, warm , boozy long lasting scent.

Powerful fragrance

Definitely a full body fragrance with spicy vibes & power performance on the skin, I got compliments all day long.

Nomade Land

very strong and long lasting

Rose With Thorns Perfume Oil
Meredith Challenor
Rosé with Thorns

It’s gorgeous and great longevity on my skin

Love this perfume oil. Always get comments when I wear it.
Highly recommended
Prompt delivery
Will order again.

My new favourite

Absolutely love Gypsy Potion so much like the real Gypsy water but without the huge price I get endless comments when wearing it definitely will be buying again and it lasts so long

Delicious and gorgeous scent

Exactly the same fragrance love it

I love these, to sample future purchases, they all smell amazing